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The Ministry
​​​Our Vision
​​To provide fair, equitable and responsive social protection in a sustain​able manner to citizens of the Republic with special attention to senior citizens, persons with disabilities as well as vulnerable persons and to reinforce national solidarity.​

Our Mission
​​Promote and enhance social protection and national solidarity and empower persons with disabilities, elderly persons and local communities to improve their quality of life.​​

Main services provided by the Ministry
The Ministry is mandated to provide a range of services as per hereunder:
·         Social Assistance in cash
·         Empowerment, welfare, protection and well-being of the Elderly
·         Empowerment and welfare of Persons with Disabilities
·         Financial assistance to persons facing severe personal hardship
·         Contributory Pensions, Non-contributory Pensions and Industrial Injury Allowances under the National Pensions Act and Social Contribution and Social Benefits Act 2021
·         Transition Unemployment Benefit, Lump Sum and Health Insurance under the National Savings Fund
·         Unemployment Hardship Relief
·         Management of Evacuee Centres sheltering evacuees on the occurrence of natural disasters like cyclone and flood

Our Customers Are: 
·         Needy and destitute persons 
·         Elderly, widows and orphans 
·         Persons with Disabilities 
·         Inmates of Charitable Institutions and Private Residential Care Homes 
·         Persons facing severe personal hardship 
·         Victims of natural disasters including cyclone, flood, earthquake and fire