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The Ministry
​​Our Vision
​​To provide fair, equitable and responsive social protection in a sustainable manner to citizens of the Republic with special attention to senior citizens, persons with disabilities as well as vulnerable persons and reinforce national solidarity.​

Our Mission
·  ​​Promote and enhance social protection and national solidarity
·   Empower persons with disabilities, elderly persons and local communities to enhance their quality of life.​​
Objectives of the Ministry
To pay Non-Contributory Basic Pensions​​
To provide Social Aid and assistance
To provide Income Support Scheme to the needy for the purchase of rice and flour
To enhance the welfare of the vulnerable groups
To provide assistance,empower and integrate persons with disabilities,the elderly and other vulnerable groups
To provide financial assistance for medical treatment locally and overseas
To provide financial assistance to victims of the floods and cyclones
To manage the NPF (contributory pension scheme) and the National Savings Fund
Roles and Functions of the Ministry of Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity ( Social Security and National Solidarity Division)
The Ministry is responsible for the provision of a range of services under the following schemes/programmes :

National Pensions Scheme:
·         Non-contributory Pensions   
·         Contributory Pensions 
·         Industrial Injuries Allowances​​  

National Savings Fund:
·         Payment of Lump Sum
·         Transition Unemployment Benefit

National Solidarity Fund:
·       Financial assistance to persons facing severe personal hardship  
 Ministry :
·         Social Assistance in kind and in cash​
·         Unemployment Hardship Relief
·         Empowerment, welfare, protection and well– being  of  the Elderly     
·         Empowerement and welfare of Persons  with  Disabilities 
·        Management of Evacuees Centres sheltering evacuees on the occurrence of natural disasters like cyclone, flood, etc.    

Our Customers Are: 
·         Needy and destitute persons 
·         Elderly, widows and orphans 
·         Persons with Disabilities 
·         Inmates of Charitable Institutions 
·         Persons facing severe personal hardship 
·         All employers and employees contributing to the  National Pensions Scheme, the National Savings Fund and the Workfare Programme Fund