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NPF Buildings

NPF Buildings


      1)    Property Management and Maintenance

The Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions (MSS) which administers the National Pensions Fund (NPF), is responsible for the management and maintenance of buildings owned by the NPF.


      2)    List of buildings owned, managed and maintained by the NPF for rental income


         1.      Renganaden Seeneevassen Building, Jules Koenig Street, Port Louis

         2.      Social Security House, Moka Road, Rose Hill

         3.      NPF Building Beau Bassin, Douglas St, Beau Bassin

         4.      NPF Building Goodlands, Royal Road, Goodlands

         5.      NPF Building Mahebourg, La Passe Street, Mahebourg

         6.      NPF Building Triolet, Royal Road, Trois Boutiques, Triolet

         7.      NPF Building Plaine Magnien, Richi Dayanand Road, Plaine Magnien

         8.      NPF Building Piton, Royal Road, Piton

         9.      NPF Building Pointe aux Sables, Royal Road, Pointe aux Sables

        10.  NPF Building 1, Ebene, Ebene Cybercity

        11.  Ebene Heights Building, Ebene Cybercity

        12.  NPF Building Curepipe, Jerningham Street, Curepipe

        13.  NPF Building St Pierre, Ripailles Road, St Pierre

        14.  NPF Building Montagne Longue, Royal Road, Montagne Longue


    3)      The management and maintenance of the NPF Buildings is entrusted to specialised private firms pursuant to a bidding process.