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DIsablement Pension

3.2  Disablement Pension



Payable to an employee who has suffered an industrial injury resulting in a permanent incapacity (partial or total).



(i)   Where the permanent incapacity is to the extent of 100 %, the monthly pension is equivalent to 80 % of the insurable wages.


(ii)  Where the permanent incapacity ranges from 1 % to less than 100 %, the monthly pension is:

65 % x monthly insurable wages at time of accident x degree of incapacity


There is an option for a lumpsum payment where the degree of disability is less than 20% (or is 100% and the employee's age is 52 years or more). The lump sum is computed as follows:-

degree of disability x annual average earnings x 8




(i)      Birth Certificate

(ii)     National Identity Card

(iii)     Medical Certificates/ Evidence

​(iv)      Bank   Account Number and name of bank.​