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Constant Attendance Allowance

3.3 Constant Attendance Allowance 

A constant attendance allowance is payable to an employee who suffers from a total temporary incapacity or a 100% disability and who requires the constant attendance of another person subject to medical recommendation. The present monthly allowance is Rs 647.

A beneficiary of Industrial Injury Allowance or Disablement Benefit also qualifies for refund of travelling fares (bus fares or taxi fares) for expenses incurred for following treatment at a medical institution.


To qualify for taxi fares, the beneficiary should be medically certified not to be able to travel by bus.


(a)   ARTIFICIAL AIDS :- e.g. spectacles, dentures, orthopaedic appliances etc.

A sufficient amount to cover a reasonable cost of the artificial aids, their maintenance and renewal.



Where urgent medical treatment in a private clinic is necessary, a reasonable sum not exceeding Rs 4000 is payable.




(i)     Birth Certificate

(ii)    National Identity Card

(iii)    Medical Certificates/ Evidence

​(iv)    Bank   Account Number and name of bank​