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Child Allowance

Child's Allowance


(a) payable to the children of beneficiary of a Basic Widow's Pension or Basic Invalid's Pension
(b) the child should be under the age of 15 (or 20 if in full-time education)
(c) payable in respect of not more than 3 children


For a child under the age of 10 Rs 1,600 per month

For a child aged 10 and over    Rs 1,700 per month

Payment of the allowance continues for the benefit of the children even after remarriage of the widow. However she would not be eligible for the Widow's Pension.


(i) Birth Certificate
(ii) Attendance certificate from colleges for children aged 15 or more


Application forms may be obtained or a claim may be registered at the local office nearest the applicant's locality.
Download application form for Widows Pension and Child's Allowance

Download application form for Invalids Pension and Child's Allowance