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Basic Invalid's Pension


(i) under 60 years
(ii) certified by a Medical Board to be incapacitated to a degree of at least 60
per cent and for a period of at least 12 months
(iii) the following residence qualification applies to an invalid person who is a non-citizen:

the non-citizen applicant must have resided in Mauritius for at least five years in aggregate in the ten years immediately before the claim, one of those five years being immediately before the claim


AMOUNT PAYABLERs 9,000 per month


(i)   Birth Certificate of claimant and dependent children
(ii)  National Identity Card
(iii) Medical Certificate/Report
(iv) Bank Account Number and Name of Bank
(v)  One photo for bus pas​s

(vi)  Marriage Certificate (for married woman)

(vii) Proxy's ID, where applicable


Application forms may be obtained or a claim may be registered at the local office nearest the applicant'slocality.

Download application form for Invalid Pension ​