Services for Social Aid
Department Eligibility Services Description
Types of Social Aid
Social Aid & Unemployment Hardship relief Any person who as a  result of

(a) any physical or mental disability

(b) any sickness or accident certified by an approved medical practitioner

(c) abandonment by his spouse or

(d) any sudden loss of employment which has lasted continuously for not less than 6 months

Is temporary or permanently incapable of earning adequately his livelihood and has insufficient means to support himself and his dependants, shall be qualified to claim Social Aid

Social Aid Scheme

- Social Aid in Cash

- Refund of exam fees

Allowance to discharges prisoners

- Allowance to flood victims, fire victims

- Allowance to centenarians for the purchase of medicine

- Assistance to twins/triplets

- Funeral Grant

- Dentures (one-off payment) 

- Rent allowance to needy beneficiaries of Basic Retirement Pension, living alone and paying rent

- Assistance in kind spectacles,wheelchairs,hearing aid

- Income support scheme- (Food Aid Rice and Flour Allowance)

- Bad weather allowance to fishermen