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Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development


Infants and Children
  1. Christmas Party for needy Children
  2. Holiday Leisure Activities
  3. Talks and Filmshows on Child Development issues
  4. Creativity Activities during school holidays
  5. Simple Crafts and Simple Cooking
  6. Facilities at Children’s Parks/Children’s Traffic Playground
  7. Story-Telling
  8. Reading facilities in Library
  9. Basic Computer Training Programmes

Recreational Activities
  1. TV Show
  2. DVD Programme
  3. Table Tennis
  4. Carrom
  5. Domino
  6. Chess
  7. Lotto
  8. Pétanque
  9. Literary games
  10. Outings
  11. Lunch
  12. Filmshows
  13. Volleyball/Football, Gym Club, Physical Fitness
  14. Exchange Programme
Associations operational at Social Welfare Centres

  1. Senior Citizen’s Associations
  2. Socio-cultural groups
  3. Association for the disabled
  4. Youth Association
  5. Social Welfare Committees
  6. Comité de Soutien of CLAC Project
  7. Scouts clubs
  8. Civic Action teams
  9. Women’s Associations
  10. Diabetes Satellites
  11. Community Support Groups for the Elderly
  12. Agricultural Clubs
  13. Health and Nutrition Clubs
School Leavers

1. Crafts courses
2. Dressmaking/Embroidery/Pattern making/choli-making/salwar kameez/hand
and fabrics embroidery/ handicrafts/glass painting
3. Beauty Care and Grooming Course
4. Entertainment and EducationalTours
  1. Children’s Park
  2. Chidlren’s Traffic Playground
  3. Open Air Theatre
  4. Pétanque Court
  5. Gym Clubs
  6. Volley ball pitch
  7. Football Ground
  8. Club de Lecture
  9. Day Care Centres for the Elderly
  10. Parcours de Santé
Agencies using Centres
  1. Ministry of Women Rights, Child Development and Family Welfare
  2. Ministry of Youth and Sports
  3. Ministry of Health & Quality of Life
  4. Ministry of Agro Industry, Food Production and Security (AREU)
  5. Ministry of Education, Culture and Human Resources
  6. Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment
  7. Ministry of Environment and National Development Unit
  8. IVTB
  10. ICAC
  11. NGOs (Action Familiale, APEIM, PAWS, MAM, etc.)
  12. Victim Support Group
  13. Lois Lagesse Trust Fund
  14. Other Agencies (District Councils, Village Councils/Municipalities)
  15. CAB Offices/NDU
  16. Probation and Aftercare Services
  17. Elderly Protection Unit
  18. Road Safety Unit
  1. Sports Competitions
  2. Literary Activities/Debates/Elocution Contests/Quiz
  3. Leisure Activities
  4. Cultural Activities
  5. Civic Activities/Civic Action Teams
  6. Educational Activities
  7. Stress Management Programmes
  8. Filmshows/Ciné-Débats
  9. Intercentre/Interregation Activities
  10. Basic Computer Literacy Programmes
  11. Crafts/Sewing/Dressmaking Courses
  12. Intergeneration activities with the Elderly
  13. Keep-Fit Exercises
  14. Indoor Games Activities and Competitions
  15. Health and Nutrition Programmes
  16. Walk for Health Programme
  17. Skill Development Courses
  18. Participation in Foire Artisanale for trainees following Craft Courses
Annual Features
  1. National Day Celebrations
  2. Environment Day(in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment)
  3. International Elderly Day (1st October)
  4. Mother’s Day/Grandparents Day
  5. Divali/Eid/Christmas Celebrations
  6. International Aids Day
  7. Welfare Week/Exchange Programmes
  8. Creativity Weeks for Children during school holidays
  9. End of year Parties including Christmas Celebrations and Distribution of toys to needy children
  10. Celebration of World Health Day (in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Quality of Life)
  11. Inter-Centre/Inter-Region Activities/Exchange Programmes
  12. Lunch/Outings/Stay at Pointe Aux Sables Recreational Centre for the Elderly
Senior Citizens
  1. Senior Citizen’s Meetings/Senior Citizens Associations
  2. Free Medical Screening
  3. Outings/Exchange Programmes
  4. Talks and Filmshows on Care for the Elderlies/Health/Stress Management/Empowerment Programme
  5. Group Lunch
  6. Day Care Centres
  7. Day Care Facilities
  8. Intergenerational Activities
  9. Skills Development Programmes (Crafts, Flower Arrangement, Greeting Cards, etc.)
  10. Visit to Bedridden
  11. Friendly Group Visits to Rodrigues
  12. Exchange/Intercentre Programmes
  13. Elocution contests/Quiz Competitions
  14. Health and Nutritions Clubs
  15. Community Supports Groups for the Elderly
  16. Diabetes Satellite (in collaboration with Mauritius Diabetes Association)
  17. Gym Club/Parcours De Santé
  18. Filmshows
  19. Ethnic cooking and Food Fairs
  20. Monthly Foire Artisanale
1. Renting of
(a) Tarpaulins-Tubular Frames - Trestles
(b) Plastic Chairs/Tables
(c) Hall/Premises
(d) Camping Tents
(e) Corpse Carrier for funerals
2. Gym Equipment and Parcours de Santé for youth, women, senior citizens
3.Club de Lecture/CLAC Projects
4.Regional Basic Computer Literacy Programmes
1. Dressmaking and Craft Courses
2. Outings
3. Initiation to basic Computer Programmes
4. Talks/Seminars/Filmshows on Women’s Development Issues/Child Care/Gender/Health/Physical
5. Monthly Foire Artisanale and Income Generation
1. Disabled Associations at Social Welfare Centres
2. Community Support Groups for the Disabled
3. Informative/Educational and Exchange Programme Activities
4. Day Care facilities
5. Skills Development Programme and Income Generating Activities
New Projects
1. Model Kitchen Gradens and setting up of Agricultural Clubs
2. Monthly Foire Artisanale for income generation with the participation of all stakeholders at all SWC's/DCCs
3. New Skills Development Programmes for homemakers, unemployed, youths and retired senior citizens.


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