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Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development

Social Aid


1. Financial Assistance under Social Aid Act

1.1 Payments under Social Aid Act are meanstested.

(a) A Social Aid is payable to a claimant and his dependents where the claimant is temporarily or permanently incapable of earning adequately his livelihood due to any physical or mental disability or sickness or accident as certified by an approved medical practitioner.

1.2 Beneficiaries of Social Aid are also entitled to the following:

(a) free spectacles;
(b) Hearing Aids, Wheelchairs,
(c) refund of travelling by bus to attend medical treatment;
(d) funeral grant;
(e) payment of examination fees for SC, GCE, HSC and MITD courses for their wards; 
(f) allowance for the purchase of rice and flour as follows:
      Rs 285 for himself/herself; and if he/she is head of household 
      Rs 285 for each member of the family.
(g) Allowance to victims of fire, cyclone refugees and flood victims (Note this is paid to the public and not to beneficiaries of Social Aid only).

1.3 Special Allowance
(a) Payment of Incontinence Allowance to BRP Beneficiaries aged 75 years and above who are bedridden and suffering from incontinence.

Every beneficiary of BRP aged 75 years and above and certified, by the Doctor effecting Domiciliary Visit, to be bedridden and suffering from Incontinence, is paid a monthly allowance of Rs 450. 

(b) Additional Social Aid to BIP beneficiaries.

An additional social aid is paid to beneficiaries of BIP who live alone, pay rent and have no other income apart from the basic pension. The amount payable is Rs 1,715 per month.​


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