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Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development

List of Cyclone Refugee Centers

List of Cyclone Refugee Centres
Area No.1- Port Louis

1.                 Camp Chapelon Community Centre

2.            Camp Yoloff Community Centre

3.            Cité Gabriel Martial Community Centre

4.            Cité Vallijee Community Centre

5.            Grand River North West Community Centre

6.            Pailles Village Hall

7.            Roche Bois Social Welfare Centre

8.            Ste Croix Social Welfare Centre

9.            Vallée des Prêtres Co-operative Credit Society Complex

10.       Vallée des Prêtres Community Centre

11.       Tranquebar Boxing Centre

12.       Tranquebar Sub Youth Centre

 Area No.2 - Beau Bassin

1.            Barkly Community Centre

2.            Colonel Maingard Community Centre

3.            Mont Roches Social Welfare Centre

Area No.3 - Rose-Hill

1.            Beau Séjour Community Centre

2.       S. Murday Vocational Centre (Ex-Medco Stanley)

Area No.4 - Quatre-Bornes

1.            La Source Community Centre

2.            Nehru Road Community Centre

3.            Shrimati Indira Gandhi Social Hall, Palma

Area No.5 - Vacoas/Phoenix

1.            Belle Terre Municipal Social Hall

2.            Camp Fouquereaux Social Welfare Centre

3.            Cinq Arpents Community Centre

4.            Cité La Caverne Community Centre

5.            Henrietta Community Centre

6.            Hollyrood Community Centre

7.            La Marie Community Centre

8.            Reunion Community Centre

9.            Solferino Municipal Complex

10.         Trianon Community Centre, Petit Camp, Phoenix

Area No.5(a) - Curepipe

1.        16ème Mille Community Centre

2.        Bananes Village Hall

3.        Cité L’Oiseau Community Centre

4.        Dubreuil Community Centre

5.        La Brasserie Community Centre

6.        Midlands Village Hall

7.        Prof. B. Bissoondoyal Community Centre, Lapeyrouse

8.        Robinson Community Centre

Area No.6 - Grand Port

1.            Anse Jonchée Sub Hall

2.            Bambous Virieux Multi Purpose Complex

3.            Beau Vallon Community Centre

4.            Bois des Amourettes Village Hall

5.            Camp Carol Sub Hall, Trois Boutiques

6.            Carreau Accacia Village Hall, Trois Boutiques

7.            Carreau Esnouf Community Centre

8.            Cluny Community Centre

9.            Grand Bel Air Multi Purpose Complex

10.         Grand Sable Social Welfare Centre

11.         Gros Billot Sub Hall

12.         La Rosa Social Welfare Centre

13.         Mahebourg Social Welfare Centre

14.         La Chaux Social Welfare Centre

15.        Mare Chicose Village Hall

16.        Mare d’Albert Social Welfare Centre

17.         Mare Tabac Social Welfare Centre

18.         Morcellement Ferney Community Centre

19.         New Grove Village Hall

20.        Nouvelle France Community Centre

21.        Old Grand Port Social Welfare Centre

22.         Petit Bel Air Social Welfare Centre

23.         Petit Sable Sub Hall

24.        Plaine Magnien Social Welfare Centre

25.         Rose Belle Social Welfare Centre

26.         St Hilaire Community Centre

27.        Trois Boutiques Community Centre

28.         Union Park Village Hall

Area No.6 (a) - Savanne

1.            Batimarais Community Centre

2.            Bel Ombre Village Hall

3.            Benares Village Hall

4.            Bois Chéri Village Hall

5.            Britannia Community Centre

6.            Camp Diable Community Centre

7.            Chamouny Community Centre

8.            Chemin Grenier Social Welfare Centre

9.            Grand Bois Social Welfare Centre

10.         Gris Gris Community Centre

11.         L’Escalier Social Welfare Centre

12.         La Flora Village Hall

13.         Pont Colville Hall Nouvelle France

14.         Riambel Community Centre

15.         Rivière des Anguilles Community Centre

16.         Rivière des Galets Community Centre

17.         Rivière du Poste Community Centre

18.         St Aubin Community Centre

19.         Surinam Social Welfare Centre

20.         Tyack Sub Hall

21.            Baie du Cap Community Centre

Area No. 7- Moka

1.    Bel Air Social Welfare Centre

2.    Deep River Social Welfare Centre (ex-Olivia SWC)

3.    Deux Freres Sub Hall

4.    GRSE Community Centre

5.    Melrose Village Hall

6.    Montagne Blanche Social Welfare Centre

7.    Mount Ory Social Welfare Centre

8.    Providence Community Centre

9.    Quartier Militaire Social Welfare Centre

10. Quatre Soeurs Community Centre

11. Quatre Soeurs Village Hall

12. St Pierre Social Welfare Centre

Area No. 7(a) - Flacq

1.            Argy Community Centre

2.            Belle Mare Community Centre

3.            Bramasthan Social Welfare Centre

4.            Brisée Verdière Social Welfare Centre

5.            Camp de Masque Pavé Social Welfare Centre

6.            Camp Ithier Village Hall

7.            Lallmatie Social Welfare Centre

8.            Laventure Social Welfare Centre

9.            Mare La Chaux Social Welfare Centre

10.         Poste de Flacq Village Hall

11.         St Julien d’Hotman Social Welfare Centre

12.         Trou d’Eau Douce Village Hall

13.       Grande Retraite Community Centre

14.       Bonne Mere Community Centre

15.       Queen Victoria Community Centre

Area No. 8 - Pamplemousses

1.            Bois Marchand Community Centre

2.            Bois Pignolet Community Centre

3.            Congomah Village Hall

4.            D’Epinay Village Hall

5.            Khoyratty Community Centre

6.            Le Hochet Social Welfare Centre

7.            Long Mountain Social Welfare Centre

8.            Pamplemousses Social Welfare Centre

9.            Petite Julie Social Welfare Centre

10.         Pointe aux Piments Social Welfare Centre

11.         Tombeau Bay Community Centre

12.         Triolet Social Welfare Centre

13.         Trou aux Biches Community Centre

Area No. 8(a) - Rivière du Rempart

1.            Amaury Social Welfare Centre

2.            Barlow Community Centre

3.            Cap Malheureux Village Hall

4.            Fond du Sac Village Hall

5.            L’Amitié Community Centre

6.            Goodlands Social Welfare Centre

7.            Grand Bay Social Welfare Centre

8.            Grand Gaube Community Centre

9.            Hermitage Community Centre

10.         Mapou Community Centre

11.       Petit Raffray Social Welfare Centre

12.       Piton Social Welfare Centre

13.       Plaine des Papayes Social Welfare Centre

14.       Plaine des Roches Community Centre

15.       Pointe des Lascars Community Centre

16.       Poudre d'Or Community Centre

17.       Petit Raffray Social Welfare Centre

18.       Piton Social Welfare Centre

19.       Plaine des Papayes Social Welfare Centre

20.       Roches Noires Community Centre

21.       Roches Terre Community Centre

22.       Sottise Community Centre

23.       The Vale Village Hall

24.       Triangle Community Centre

Area No. 9 - Black River

1     Albion Community Centre

2     Bambous Social Welfare Centre

3     Beaux Songes Community Centre

4     Canot Community Centre

5     Cascavelle Village Hall

6     Case Noyale Social Welfare Centre

7     Chamarel Village Hall

8     Flic en Flac Community Centre

9     Grande Rivière Noire Village Hall

10  Gros Cailloux Community Centre

11  La Gaulette Community Centre

12  Le Morne Community Centre

13  Petite Rivière Noire Village Hall

14  Petite Rivière Social Welfare Centre

15  Pointe aux Sables Community Centre

16  Richelieu Community Centre

17  Tamarin Village Hall


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