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Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development

Rehabilitation Youth Centre

Rehabilitation Youth Centre

The Rehabilitation Youth Centre is established under the Reform Institutions Act 1988 and has as main objective, the
rehabilitation of juvenile offenders.The Centre caters for separate sections for male and female offenders in two
buildings located at Sir Francis Herchenroder Street, Beau Bassin. Each building can accommodate a maximum of 44
The rehabilitation programme consists of academic, vocational, sports and artistic activities which are carried out within
and outside the Centre.35 male officers and 16 female officers are posted to the boys and girls sections respectively. A
psychologist attends to both sections. NGO’s offer services to the Centre on a voluntary basis.

Rehabilitation Youth Centre Board of Visitors 2009-2010
Mrs R. BRIGEMOHANE (Chairperson)
Mr S. Maiharaub, representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports
Mr A. Veeriah, representative of the Director, Employment Service
Mrs H. Luckeenarain, Assistant Commissioner of Probation and After Care
Mr G. Rughoonundun
Mr R. Veeramootoo
Mr S. Pirbacosse
Mrs S. Kalasopaten
Sister Marianne Juliette
Mr S. Nilplatana, Welfare Officer, Rehabilitation Youth Centre (Secretary)


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