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Ministry of Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity

Foyer Trochetia


1. Purpose

Foyer Trochetia is a Centre for elderly persons with severe disabilities.

2. Description

The Foyer comprises an Administrative/Therapy Block and 2 living units, a laundry and a kitchen.
32 persons can be accommodated in the 2 living units.

3. Management of the Foyer

The Foyer which was opened on 03 December 2008 is managed jointly by the
Ministry and the Arya Sabha, Mauritius.

4. Procedure for Admission

Application for admission to the Foyer should be made at the Social Security Office of the locality.

5. Contact details

Administrator: Mrs S. Mungra
Tel. No.: 234 0826
Fax: 234 0856

Manager: Mrs Boodhoo
Tel. No.: 234 0869
Fax: 234 0856