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Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development

NGO Trust Fund

Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) Trust Fund

1. Policy

The policy of the Government has always been to help the vulnerable groups of our society so that they may live a decent life.

One of the partners of Government in the upliftment of the conditions of the less
fortunate members of our society has been NGOs, which in many instances have led the way to social changes.

With a view to enhancing a better partnership with the NGO Sector, the NGO Trust Fund was set up by the Finance and Audit (NGO Trust Fund) Regulations in May 1999 and the NGO Trust Fund Committee was constituted in September 1999.

The main objectives of the NGO Trust Fund are as follows:

- to consider an approve applications for assistance from NGOs;

- to finance, wholly or partly, services and projects of NGOs which have
been approved by the Committee;

- to ensure an effective use of resources; and

- to rationalise the disbursement of funds to NGOs.

2. Eligibility criteria to obtain financial assistance

As per the Government Notice NO. 50 of 1999 "NGO" means a Non-Governmental Organisation which:

(a) a run on a non-profit making basis;

(b) works toward the:

(i) empowerment of the disabled, the elderly, the homeless or
such other vulnerable groups; and
(ii) promotion of the welfare of the community in general

(c) is registered under the Registration Act; and

(d) is approved by the Committee


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