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Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development


The following measures have been initiated in support of the above policy:
a) providing financial support to MACOSS to mount training courses to improve the capability development of NGOs;
b) encouraging the visits of foreign consultants to advise NGOs in their activities;
c) encouraging the participation of NGOs in International forums and their affiliations with international bodies;
d) encouraging MACOSS to establish contacts with donors for the benefit of its affiliates;
e) financing micro projects with a view to enhancing the infrastructure of NGOs; and
f) providing direct grants to para-statal bodies dealing with NGOs and grant-in-aid directly to NGOs.
Name of Organisation Mauritius Council of Social Service (MACOSS)
Year Founded
No. 55 of 1970
Astor Court, Port Louis - Mauritius
Telephone No. (230) 212 0242
Fax No: (230) 208 6370
Mission Statement
MACOSS seeks to promote social and community development and voluntary action through national non-governmental organisations (NGOs). It strengthens its member constituents by initiating communication and collaboration firstly among NGOs, and secondly, between NGOs and Government, primarily through meetings, publications and institutional development activities.
(i) To stimulate and promote economic, social and cultural activities for the advancement of the community.
(ii) To assist in the planning and to co-ordinate the activities of member organisations.
(iii) To organise or join in organising workshops, seminars, conferences and training courses for voluntary social workers, personnel of voluntary, non-governmental organisations and professionals to strengthen their organisational and managerial capabilities.
(iv) To co-ordinate the activities of NGOs in emergency and natural disaster activities and programmes.
(v) To collect, diffuse and share information pertaining to adult
education and development in particular.
The Mauritius Council of Social Service is at present constituted of 102 affiliated member organisations. The members form the Council and they meet during the Annual General Assembly where the Chairman and the Executive Committee members are elected. The Executive Committee is composed of 26 members and 6 Sub Committees/Networks operating under it. The Council also has a Secretariat headed by the Secretary Manager who is the Chief Executive. He is also assisted by other support staff. The secretariat is responsible for the implementation of MACOSS Programmes.
(i) Human Resource Development;
(ii) Adult and Continuing Education;
(iii) Care for the Elderly;
(iv) Credentials;
(v) Documentation and Publication; and
(vi) Legal Commission.
(i) Gender and Family Development
(ii) Environment and Community Development
Main Activities
- Coordination of activities of member organisations
- Organisation of Seminars, Workshops and Forum on burning social issues
- Training Programmes
- Information sharing through the publication of a quarterly Newsletter
- Research on Social Issues.


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