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Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development

National Pensions Fund

National Pensions Fund
The surplus Fund of the National Pension Fund is being invested in different sectors. Surplus fund is the difference of Receipts from Payments.

RECEIPTS of the National Pensions Fund are as follows:
(i) Contributions, Surcharges of Employers/Fees
(ii) Interests/Dividends from Investments
(iii) Redemption/Maturity of loan stocks/debentures
(iv) Maturity of deposits in Banks
(v) Repayment of Loans
(vi) Commission as agents for collecting funds for IVTB and NSF
(vii) Income from Buildings
(viii) Any miscellaneous revenue

PAYMENTS consist of Recurrent and Capital Expenses
As from 1976/77 surplus fund has been invested and as at 30 June 2001, the portfolio of Investments amounted to Rs 19.868 billion.


List of Members



Contact Details



Mr. R. Chellapermal

Deputy Financial Secretary

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

Old Government Centre

Port Louis

201 1149






Public Officers


Mr S. Boyramboli

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity & Reform Institutions

207 0625

Mr. Christ Paddia

Lead Analyst

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

257 2829

Representatives of Employers


Mr. Pierre du Mée

Estate General Manager, The Constance & La Gaité S. E.

Centre de Flacq

413 2571

413 2546 (Home)

250 1208



Mr. Louis Clensy Appavoo

CEO, Appavoo Group

Appavoo Business Centre, 29, Bis Mère Barthélemy Street, Port Louis.

Tel:+ (230) 203 3900

Mobile : +(230) 250 1977

Representatives of Employees


Mr. Mohun Prasadsing Odit

Senior Lecturer

University of Technology Mauritius

234 6225


Mr. Vidianand Naugloo

Finance Officer

Ministry of Finance and Economic Empowerment


Mr. Indiren Vythillingum

Assistant Manager Financial Operations

Ministry of Social Security

403 2700

920 3676


As from December 2001, the NPF and NSF are deemed to be body corporate for purposes of investment of any surplus funds. The NPF and NSF Investment Committee is set up for the purposes of determining the manner in which any surplus remaining in the Funds may be invested.


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