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Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development

Projects at Social Welfare Day Care centre

 Projects at Social Welfare / Day Care Centres
Health and Nutrition Clubs (Evergreen Fitness Clubs) CATs Diabete Satellite (in connection with Mauritius Diabetes Association) Club de Lecture Gym Clubs for Senior Citizens and Women
Regional/Local Computer Training Programme for housewives,
Youth,Senior Citizens
Setting Up of Computer Clubs (National Computer Board)
Bambous Ste Croix Q Militaire Petite Rivière Quartier Militaire Camp Fouquereaux Camp Fouquereaux
Riviere Seche Pamplemousses La Rosa Quartier Militaire Poste de Flacq Pamplemousses Plaine Magnien
Camp Fouquereaux Mont Gout Mare Tabac Lallmatie Mare La Chaux Quartier Militaire Quartier Militaire
Camp Yoloff Bel Air Grannum Amaury Laventure Petite Raffray(will start) L'escalier
St Julien D'Hotman Q.Militaire L'Escalier Bel Air Bramsthan Goodlands
Brisée Verdière Laventure Petite riviere Brisée Verdière Petite Rivière Wooton S.Welfare Cum Resource Centre
La Rosa Chemin Grenier Montagne Blanche Roche Bois Grannum
Grand Bay DCC Grand Bay St Pierre L'Escalier
Bois Savon DCC Petite Julie St Julien D'Hotman Riv. du Rempart
Chemin Grenier Camp Fouquereux Laventure La Rosa
Poste de Flacq Roche Bois Surinam Surinam
Goodlands Le Hochet Mahebourg B. Verdière
Petit Bel Air Triolet Mare Tabac Grand Bay
Mahebourg Camp Carol Rose Belle Bois Savon
Plaine Magnien Mahebourg Grand Sable Camp Yoloff
Mare D'Albert L'Escalier Grand Bois N.Decouverte
R du Rempart Mare Tabac Chemin Grenier Piton
P des Papayes Mont Roches
Grand Bois Case noyale
Total No: 20 Total No: 19 Total No: 6 Total No: 17 Total No: 17
Community Support Group for Elderly
Disabled Association
Parcours De Sante
Model Kitchen Garden
and Agricultural
ALL ALL Grand Sable Camp Fouquereaux
THE THE Old Grand Port Rivière Sèche
55 55 Surinam P.Des Papayes
SOCIAL SOCIAL Grand Bois Goodlands
WELFARE WELFARE Plaine Magnien Q.Militaire
CENTRES CENTRES Petit Bel Air Laventure
Mare Tabac(SILWF) La Rosa
L'Escalier L'Escalier
La Rosa Plaine Magnien
Camp Fouquereaux Chemin Grenier
Rivière Sèche
Bois Savon
Camp Yoloff
Roche Bois
Ste Croix
Le Hochet
Long Mountain
Petit Raffray
Grand Bay
P.Des Papayes
Camp De Masque
Mare La Chaux
Bel Air
Total No: 55 Total No: 55 Total No: 29 Total No: 11
R = Regional
CLAC = Centre de Lecture et d'Animation Culturelle


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