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Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development

Day Care Centers

Day Care Centres
A. Background
In May 2001, the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Senior Citizens Welfare & Reform Institutions launched a National Policy on the Elderly. This Policy laid emphasis on Ageing with dignity and emphasized concepts such as Welfare, Equity and Empowerment of Senior Citizens.
Under the chapter of Social Welfare and Leisure, one of the recommendations in the document is the setting up of Under the chapter of Social Welfare and Leisure, one of the recommendations made has been the setting up of Day Care Centres(DCCs) for the Elderly. Since then, much effort has been put in place by the Social Welfare Division of the Ministry to open 14 Day Care Centres as follows:
Bois Savon
Grand Bay
Roche Bois
La Rosa
Brisée Verdière
Rivière du Rempart
Camp Yoloff
Poste de Flacq
Mare La Chaux
Nouvelle Decouverte
Objectives of Day Care Centres
The DCCs are important focal points used:
C reate an appropriate space for recreational/leisure/spiritual/cultural/informative/ educational and intergenerational activities
To help integrate the elderlies in society through group interactions and social functions
Help break down the tendency towards isolation by the Elderlies by engaging them in programme development
Create a forum for exchange and sharing of experiences and ideas between them
Use keep fit equipment/infrastructural facilities for the promotion of physical exercise
Target Group
The main beneficiaries/participants in the activities of the DCCs are in majority Elderly persons aged 55+.
Opening hours
The Day Care Centres are operational on weekdays from 9.00 hrs to 15.30 hrs, on Saturdays from 9.00 hrs to 12.00 hrs and on public holidays whenever special activities and programmes are scheduled.
At Present
The following activities have been identified and implemented at the DCCs:
(i) Empowerment Sessions:
(a) Sensitization Campaigns on various issues such as Art-of-Living, Nutrition, Health, Crime Prevention, Road Safety, Surendettement/Casseurs etc.
(b) Setting up of Community-based support groups for the Elderly which comprise of a pool of Voluntary Social Workers/Community Leaders and Elderly Persons themselves to visit and bring physical, emotional and psychological support to the bed-ridden
(ii) Adult Education:
(a) Do-It Yourself Sessions
(b) Consumer Protection
(c) Health, Safety & Protection Sessions
(d) Keep Fit
(e) Literary & Numeracy Skills - "Sign Your Name & read numbers"
(iii) Health & Quality of Life
 (a) Health and Nutrition Clubs
(b) Regular Medical Check-up sessions/Vaccination programmes
(c) Non-Communicable Diseases & Health Care Sessions for Elderly Persons (in collaboration with the Medical Unit of the Ministry and MOH)
(d) Physical Activity for Elderlies and use of Keep-Fit Equipment/Parcours De Santé
(e) Diabetes Satellite to sensitize on Diabetes and related complications
(f) Positive Thinking/Healthy Living/Relaxation Exercises/Yoga/Meditation
(g) Consumer Awareness and Balanced Diet
(h) Elderly protection
(i) Talks on Psycho-Social issues
(iv) Recreational Activities/Sports & Games/Cultural Programmes:
 (a) Games and sports activities
(b) Indoor Game Tournaments & Fun Games
(c) Inter-Generational Activities
(d) Inter-Centre/Inter-Regional Activities/Exchange Programme Visits
(e) Spiritual and Cultural Activities
(f) Moral and Spiritual Values
(g) Organisation of Drama/Sketches
(h) Traditional Dances/Songs Competition/Cultural Programmes/Festival celebrations
(i) Story-telling/experience-sharing with youth
(j) Ethnic cooking and Food Fairs
(k) Stay at Pte aux Sables Recreation Centre
(l) Creativity Activities and Skills Development Courses in greeting cards, Doll Making, flower Arrangements
(m) Laughing sessions
(n) Lunch, info/educational tours, end-of-year party
(o) Basic Counselling Sessions/Referrals


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